Professionalism, rigor and ethics in the representation of our basketball players and coaches.

Legal and tax

More than 30 years providing legal and tax advice to our clients.

Events - Personal Branding

Organization of events, growth and empowerment of your personal brand.

What do we offer?

Promotion of the athlete
Sports, legal and tax advice
Constant support and communication
Specialized treatment with young people
Sports events organization
Several languages spoken
Professionalism, rigor and ethics

Who are we?

Foz Sports & Events is a FIBA & NBA agency of representation of basketball players, coaches and organization of sports events.

We strive to combine the interest of our represented players and coaches with the needs of the Clubs.

Meet us.




Foz Group

What do our clients say about us?

“Foz Sports gives me compromise, they transmit confidence and they build my future.”

Juan Rubio
Juan RubioFSE desde 2016

“Foz Sports presented me the opportunity to begin my professional career, turning my passion into my job and my dream to reality. Close relationship between agent and player treating you like family.”

Mike Torres
Mike TorresFSE desde 2015

“Foz Sports is an Agency where you can feel confident, you are treated with kindness, they are clear with you and compromised with the players. We achieve all the goals together.”

Jose Alberto Jiménez
Jose Alberto JiménezFSE desde 2015

“Being with Foz Sports makes me feel like I’m in the right way and that there are no limits.”

Pau Tendero
Pau TenderoFSE desde 2016

“Having FSE’s help, assesment and support since I was 15, has been vital in my career. I am thankful and happy for their nice and familiar treatment and for watching for my interests from day one.”

Jaume Vallés
Jaume VallésFSE desde 2011

“With FSE you get an exceptional and really nice treatment, while they make sure you have a good future ahead.”

Johan Kody
Johan KodyFSE desde 2016